March 16, 2012

  • Getting a tad bit Excited
    (a Biblical Astronomy/prophecy post)

    Last evening we had an impromptu adventure (unlike Wednesday, when we planned to get subs and have a picnic and play at the park, enjoying the EIGHTY DEGREE weather.  In Michigan.  In March.  Too freakin’ weird.).  But last night’s adventure was a Craigslister – I found fiberglass (white) steps that will go in front of our house and look WAY nicer than the toppling pile of cement blocks we have there, now.  And while out, we stopped at a particular library for a particular book, then had supper out, and very impromptu-ly (even more spur-of-the moment? -ly?)  We ended up getting our grocery shopping done!

    Long story short (too late), we were riding home after dark, and I looked up and saw the Jupiter/Venus conjunction, and showed the kids, and we all geeked over seeing TWO planets in the sky, and how kewl is it that they’re presently so BRIGHT like that?!  Lydia wanted me to get on Stellarium when we got home so she could get a better look at it.  So I did.  And here it is:

    ((I’m getting better at that screen-shot business.  Kewl graphic, eh?))  But it struck me… Venus and Jupiter are RIGHT in the front feet of Aries.  That seemed… poignant.  Important.  So I got out my glossary of Biblical Astronomy thingers (<< I know, aren’t I soooo technical?!) and it says that Aries is the ‘Messiah who opens the seals and comes in victory’.  Well, we got the seals finished, and He should be coming in victory like ANY minute, now, so…!!  This is a HUGE sign.  Which means there’s more to it, and I had to go find out what.

    So on for the past few days, all the talk has been about the Jupiter/Venus conjunction.  They were going to be three degrees apart from each other.  Which… hey, the number three is very interesting, and Jupiter represents Yehovah and Venus represents Yeshua, so that’s the father and the son at three degrees.  Kewl.…science/

    This Thursday evening, look to the western skies as the two brightest planets to the unaided eye stage a close encounter over the Northern Hemisphere.  Though the two will appear to converge all this week, they’ll be at their closest March 15separated only by only 3 degrees in the sky, or the width of two fingers at arms’ length. …In addition, “what is a bit special about this one is that it is so high up in the sky, away from the setting sun. Mars will also be in the sky on the other side, in the east.”

    …One of the leading theories for the Star of Bethlehem legend involves a close conjunction of Jupiter and Venus in the sunset skies in June of 2 B.C. “Both Jupiter and Venus are very bright objects—the second and third brightest, after the moon—in the night sky, so it’s not surprising a conjunction would historically always be watched with interest, simply because both are so bright that they sort of command our attention,” he said.

    How kewl is that – the conjunction so important at the FIRST coming of Christ, repeated at about the time I’m looking for the SECOND coming of Christ!

    Now according to Stellarium, the stars are in both front legs ONLY for the 24-hours that is March 15.  Which, btw, is also the ‘Ides of March’.  The day Shakespeare declared would be the death of Caesar.  And recall that Shakespeare helped to translate/write the Bible with the 1611 gang… so it’s possible he chose that date based on things the Biblical scholars had talked with him about.  I find that possibility VERY interesting.  Oh, to have been a fly on that wall!  Anyhow, so is there anything about the 15th that is astronomically important and might lend to this conjunction?

    This week Venus and Jupiter, the two brightest planets in the sky, are making for an inspiring sight, drawing all eyes toward the western sky as night falls and outshining all the true stars in the sky.

    [On March 13th], Jupiter shines to Venus’ lower left. The planets will make a spectacular conjunction, shining just a few finger-widths apart, with Venus appearing a bit higher than Jupiter.  Here at we’ve been indicating that Venus and Jupiter will be closest together this evening. But this may puzzle some who might have read in other astronomical publications… that the actual conjunction between these two brilliant planets will not take place until [March 15].  What is the reason for this discrepancy? Could we be wrong? Could those publications stating that Venus and Jupiter are in conjunction on Thursday somehow be in error?

    Actually, both March 13 and March 15 are correct!  The explanation is simply that two different meanings of the word “conjunction” are in use. The Observer’s Handbook gives the date and time when the two planets have the same right ascension (the equivalent of longitude on the night sky).

    But here at, we believe that the date of the closest approach between the two planets is of greater interest to most people, which is why instead we have opted to furnish the dates of conjunction in celestial longitude (longitude drawn along the path the sun takes through the sky), which usually provides the moment of the least separation between two celestial objects.

    So on the 15th we have the 3 degree conjunction – same as on the 13th, but it’s a RIGHT ASCENSION… and no, the irony of the wording was NOT lost on me, LoL!! – and the one representing Yehovah is in one foot, and the one representing Yeshua in the other, but ONLY on the 15th… the day of the right ascension.  That’s amazing stuff!  Is this something that happens regularly, or not, though?  I needed to know.…rare-alignment-this-week

    Venus and Jupiter, the two brightest planets in the solar system, appear side by side in the sky this week. …At the same time and about 180 degrees farther east, Mars gave his own show, the red planet much more brilliant than usual.

    This struck me – Mars – symbolic of war – at the same time is brilliant and completely opposite of the conjunction.  In the east (hahaha… war in the east?  Bombs falling on Israel?  Hmrph.).  Yes, well, there’s more than just THAT, too.   This conjunction is exactly seven days after Purim… seven being the number of fullness/perfection.  And even more than that (!):
    The two brightest planets, Venus and Jupiter, will accentuate the beauty of the slender crescent moon on Saturday and Sunday (Feb. 25 and 26). The planet Mercury may also be visible too, low on the horizon, beneath Venus depending on your sky conditions, but it will disappear quickly after sunset.  …Astronomers call this cosmic arrangement a triple conjunction.

    So I missed a triple conjunction with the the Father (Jupiter), the Son (Venus), and the Messenger (Mercury, announcing angel).  It occurred three days into Adar, three days after the new moon.  Thirty (30) days before Pesach.  That’s a lot of threes!  So I went off to look at it on Stellarium, and found a LOT more than that.  But I backed up a little, because the new moon/Adar 1 was on February 23 (while the triple conjunction was 25/26).  Here’s what it looked like on the holy day:

    That’s a near-line up of Jupiter, Venus, Uranus AND Mercury…
    with the moon in Pices… which is Israel in troubled times.
    They’ve got some now, too, don’t they?
    MORE… this was on the other side opposite it:

    Mars (war) in the foot of the King.
    Israel may have troubles coming, but
    the Lord will subdue it for a time.

    And then this morning, I read this:

    According to Tzvi Bar-Leib of the blog Nahar , HaRav Ovadyah Yosef said, “Prepare for Mashiach at Pesach.” He says that this will be confirmed by Rav Yekutiel Fish in his parshah sheet when it comes out later today.
    This is the story from last week Parshat Tetzaveh: after rabbi finishing giving a shier.  They told me people who were there and heard it said ‘get ready for Geula by Pesach time. The rabbi ovadia shared a vision he had to people near him… according to some people he said that we are at the end… also Rav Morgenstern’s Yam Hahochma  holiday of Pesach begins at 6.5 months into the year, which corresponds with Mincha Gedola’s time in hours.

    And Rav Fish’s translation, by Yarenen Yaakov:

    [As already posted by Tzvi and Devash] Rav Ovadia Yosef Shlit”a said after his Shiur on Motza’ei Shabbat Zachor to prepare for Mashiah this upcoming Pesach.

    I went to Stellarium to see if anything lined up on Pesach (April 7):

    Venus, Sun, Uranus, Mercury, and Neptune,
    with Jupiter not far from being aligned, too!

    Signs in the sky before the coming of Abraham.  Signs in the sky before the coming of Moses.  Signs in the sky heralding the coming of Messiah the first time… and now we have signs in the sky heralding the coming of Messiah the second time… and if the Jewish prophetesses are right, it’ll be before Tammuz/Av (June/July), and if the Jewish sages are right, it’ll be during the Spring Feasts!  Thank you, Lord, for your signs and assurances!

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  • I find it interesting that the Lamb of God is (was, now) IN the Ram (which…was a lamb at one point….never mind me, I’m just geeking out over this!)

    Add in the timing this year………Passover starts the evening of “Good Friday”, which gives new meaning to the “good”, huh? :wink:

  • You know, maybe I just wasn’t able to notice or appreciate this stuff until I was older.. but it seems like there’s been a lot of wonderous things in the sky lately. :) I rarely recall ever being able to see planets like this before.

  • VERY COOL! Seems this is going to be a very momentous Passover…I’m already super excited, this just adds to it :bounce:

  • Holy WOW!!! I love how you put all of this together. I actually got some of it on my own this time, but I am just amazed at all the rest of it about Mars, and the right ascension. Just amazing!!!! It’s the little things I miss when I’m looking so hard at the main thing.

  • Very cool! Great screen shots.

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