June 3, 2013

  • FiNaL uPDaTe!!

    Again, my new blog address:
    • I have all the Messianic posts, False Teaching, Daniel,  Timeline, SMS, Rapture, Spiritual, Prophecy, Noteworthy, Astronomy, general Home Ed, Lapbook, SotW and Proverbs 31 posts transferred.  That’s 678 posts, moved one by one.  WHEW!  I even moved over pretty much everything from March thru the Xanga announcement.  It’s NICE!!
    • The sidebar at the new blog LOOKS like a working archive, but I have not yet hooked the posts up to the newly moved posts.  So they’ll take you here… for now.  I’m working on this, next.  In the meantime, if you want something on the sidebar at my WordPress site, just type the name in the search box, and it’ll come up.  Easy-peasy!
    • All links on my Pinterest have been changed, but unfortunately if you have links to any of them on YOUR Pinterest, they’ll still take you here… so you have to delete them and get them anew.  I’m sorry – I can’t help that it doesn’t update what you’ve pinned, and there’s no way to notify people who pinned from me.
    • I’m not going to do the home renovations (too picture intensive), the ‘Luvv’ series (too personal), or the art posts (again, picture intensive).  So they’ll have to go by the wayside.  Choices have to be made.
    • My friend Cagey asked an interesting question:  Xanga needs $60K to stay open. So… if they raise $52K… do they get to keep it and close, anyhow?  That thought explained why she felt they were blackmailing us to me REALLY well… which is why I’m not helping, and not staying.
    • I also helped Lydia to move her entire blog over to WordPress, since she hasn’t posted much (and has only been here since 2010).  Isaac is ‘coming of blogging age in my household‘ this year, so he’ll be getting a blog, soon, too… which will also be at WordPress.  How fun!
    • Someone asked me what happens if Xanga raises the $$ and stays open.  I think I might keep this as my ‘archive’, but continue at WordPress. I like it there, better, and I wasn’t sure I would. But it’s FREE, there’s moderated commenting, I have double sidebars, it’s FREE, it’s easier to ‘follow’ people, the support seems stronger, the HTML is easier to work with, the buttons don’t pull up stupid pop-up windows to change the color, it’s FREE… ((grins!)) I love the way you can edit the link addresses, I love the way they give us control, here. I even love the layout look better, overall. It’s nicer there! 
    So am I happy?  YES!  It’s wonderful
    Apparently I just needed a kick in the pants
    to make the leap to something better!

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  • Great progress. Will you continue to update both sites for the time being?

  • I want to thank you for all this hard work you’re doing!

  • That is just awesome! I am just starting fresh over there and have already gotten like 7 subs which now I am getting leery about all these new people creepin round my page. :crosseye:

    Godfather of Greenbay is hilarious, and sometimes down right raunchy, but he’s more funny than not. I looooooove his Caturday posts the bestest. He’s been sick lately though, so he might miss a Saturday now and again, but he is too funny. :lol:

  • I’ve never read him before, but I found him last night on the Top Blogs, and… wha.

    I have no intention of posting here, any longer, Islandmom. Hey… why can’t I find you on FB, anymore? It’s really weird, I can’t even find you to re-friend you. So strange. Can you send me an invite?

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