May 27, 2013

  • Signs in the Skies

    Last night, Venus, Jupiter and Mercury converged to form a bright triangle in the sunset sky. “It was an absolutely amazing sunset planet show,” says Marek Nikodem, who photographed the apparition from Szubin, Poland:

    At closest approach, the three planets fit inside a circle less than 3o wide. It was a rare event. There won’t be another triple conjunction this tight until 2026.

    …The triangle will stretch and eventually break apart in the nights ahead–and the contortions are worth watching. Keep an eye on the sunset sky all week long.

    … The triangle begins to disperse on May 27th, but even then the show is not over.  On May 28th, Venus passes Jupiter at a distance of 1 degree, forming a truly spectacular pair.  NASA

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  • I do love your astronomy posts. My daughter is taking an exam in it . I always show her your moon,stars and planets posts and we look up to the sky at night to find the things you are posting about. The “supermoon” post was brilliant as she’s doing a project on it. We were up at 4am the other morning taking pictures of it! Thanks again.

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