May 21, 2013

  • Adding to the Chart

    So first I did a timeline of the ‘churches’ (or, Church Eras) of Revelations.  Then I did a timeline of the Six Month Suggestion (or, Seal Judgments/Beginning of Sorrows).  Then, when the SMS was over, I did a summary, putting it all together from AD36 thru AD2010.  Then – I think it was in January of this year, but feel free to correct me – I had to add to the timeline the ‘span of almost a half an hour’ (or, three years).  Then I went back and researched the magnetosphere breech, the delayed solar maximum, and other solar events, and added them to the timeline, as well.  Which was really interesting, too.

    Well, about a week ago, I did a ‘Signs in the Sky’ edition that covered all of the eclipses and alignments between 2003 and 2013 that occurred a) within 7 days of Shavuot(Pentecost), and b) were in Leo in proximity to the Plieades.  Nobody much looked at or was interested in it, but it was VITAL stuff… stuff I hadn’t noticed before that was extremely significant, and my geekage levels were pretty high, regardless or response.

    And this morning?  I couldn’t sleep.  So I got up at four (ish) and emptied/filled the dishwasher.  Washed five dozen eggs.  Cleaned the fridge.  Read a book.  And then came in here, and had this… I don’t know, ‘inspiration’ (for lack of a better word) that I need to take the eclipse/alignment events and plug them into my Revelation chart.   I think the actual goal was to make a sheet that I could post and reference, for myself, but then I realized that if I’m going to the trouble to update a chart, I should probably share it here, too.  Just because there may be a person or two interested in seeing it.

    click to enlarge…  Cuz it was bigger when I made/saved it!

    And of course there’s nothing in 2014, for solar or alignments around Shavuot/Pesach, so these three in a row are very interesting.  Their timing is interesting, too – during the ‘half an hour’, for those three years?  Hoo, yeah.  I love seeing things in chart form – it makes life so much simpler for me.

    Anyhow, so in order to keep up with stuff, I’ve updated the chart… and of course, I’m watching for a this year fulfillment of Rev 7:9-end, so that would have to be the fall feasts, most likely.  Either that, or we’ll be going into the Trump judgments, which doesn’t really sound all that exciting to me… but we shall see!

    PS:  Just for fun, how about if I add one more chart?  The upcoming fall feasts:

    Rosh Hashana Sep 5-6, 2013 The Jewish New Year
    Yom Kippur Sep 14, 2013 Day of Atonement
    Sukkot Sep 19-25, 2013   Feast of Tabernacles
    Shmini Atzeret   Sep 26, 2013 Eighth Day of Assembly
    Simchat Torah Sep 27, 2013 Day of Celebrating the Torah

    I’m so geeked… again!  Rosh Ha’Shana is THREE days after my birthday (threes are good numbers!) and Simchat Torah is 9/27… twenty-seven being *my* number.  LOVE that!!  Personal thrill-age added, here…  but anyhow, there it is!

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  • Thank you for the chart! I saw your other post, but didn’t comment- sorry! – but this is easier to get.

  • Anna, you have made my Sabbath!  I grew up Christian, and have started attending a Messianic synagogue, which has shown me how “messy” Christianity really is!  I was confused until I realized how Christianity justifies itself by twisting Paul’s words to mean an entirely different thing, along with not wanting to be held accountable or responsible for keeping Yahweh’s LAW!  So glad you see this so clearly!  I want every Christian to read your series.  Thanks, girl!!

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